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Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty

Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty, or SLT, can be a kind of laser surgical procedure this is wont to lower strain in glaucoma.

It is used whilst eye drop aren’t lowering the eye pressure enough or are causing vast facet results.

It will occasionally be used as preliminary treatment in glaucoma.

The kind of laser used has minimum warmth absorption because it’s handiest haunted by means of selected pigmented tissue within the eye.

Sometimes it is cited as a “bloodless laser.” because of this, the technique produces much less connective tissue and has minimal ache.

It will from time to time be used as preliminary remedy in glaucoma.

Although the consequences of the laser will wear off over time, it are frequently adequately repeated.

The trabecular meshwork is round the periphery of the iris and is in which fluid made within the attention drains out of the eye .

This meshwork is treated without delay with the laser to beautify drainage via it.

SLT makes use of quick pulses of highly low-energy mild to focus on only the melanin-rich cells inside the drainage channel of the eye .

The laser pulses have an effect on most effective these melanin-containing cells, with the surrounding structure being unaffected.

Patients who have chronic glaucoma are in need of reducing in their pressure (IOP) are eligible for the system.

SLT correctly lowers raised IOP with out the aspect effects or problem of taking eye drops.

The remedy is specifically suitable for sufferers who can’t efficaciously use, or are intolerant to glaucoma medications can use to boost the general IOP-lowering impact.

SLT may be a more moderen type of an extended-mounted treatment that has the benefit of now not inflicting any harm to the tissue remedy.

SLT is secure and effective remedy to decrease IOP in POAG.

Studies have proven IOP discount with SLT to be as excessive as 30-35%.

SLT is repeatable.

The higher the baseline IOP, the upper the half of IOP reduction.

SLT preserves the trabecular meshwork tissue for possibility of additional scientific, laser, or surgery .

SLT is quality tolerated than ALT.

SLT may additionally remove or reduce the use of glaucoma drops.

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