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Eye Tumors

Eye tumors require specific therapy. Tumors in and around the eyes can develop right anywhere from the eyelids, to the lacrimal sac, to the conjunctiva, to the cornea and the iris and of course the retina. So the most common tumors that are seen are choroidal melanoma in adults, where a melanoma develops in the uveal tissue.

This requires specific diagnostic testing and specific treatment wherein the eyeball can be saved, on certain cases, the life of these patients can be saved, for the tumor is not treated in time it can spread.

The other thing is the retinoblastoma which is the most common tumor in kids these kids require again screening and if treated they require a regular follow-up. Now the newer therapies with the form of even chemotherapy, localize chemotherapy or intra arterial therapy which is giving us promising results in small kids to treat tumors within the eyes. If treated in time these kids can live life long or else if not treated and if the tumor spreads they could die prematurely.

Eye Tumors

Other tumors are not so common fortunately so but require intensive testing and follow-up and treatment in the form of abdomen sarcoma with the orbital tissues getting involved in the tumor. In adults, late adults it could be lit tumors that could develop and they are like basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma which if treated on time are completely treatable.  Lacrimal sac tumors are again are not very common but if they happen they need early diagnosis and treatment, all of this is done on time can save a lot of lives.

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