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Orthokeratology can be a process that uses in particular designed GP contact lenses to temporarily reshape the contour of the cornea to scale back myopia (nearsightedness).

Orthokeratology is nicknamed “ortho-okay” and every now and then referred to as corneal reshaping (CR), corneal refractive therapy or vision shaping.

Good applicants for orthokeratology encompass children age 8 to twelve with progressive myopia, also as maximum youth and adults, although the simplest achievement is with human beings beneath age 40.

In the only- to 2-week remedy phase, your nearsightedness is gradually reduced.


Since your vision are going to be changing, you’ll need to wear disposable smooth lenses at some point of the day. Once the remedy is over, you will wear the GP lenses inside the darkish handiest and notice well throughout the day without any corrective lenses. Some people got to wear their lenses simplest each other night time, or maybe a couple of times every week , to attend to the impact.

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