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Squint is the deviation in the eyes, when both the eyes are not looking straight. It is most commonly diagnosed in children when the parents note that the children’s eyes are deviating. It is rarely seen in very small kids but after 6 months of age squint can start developing. Before that the child’s eyes may normally be not oriented in the straightway, so therefore squint evaluation for a child is best done after 6 months of age. If the parents note any squinting they get the kid for the eye examination, in adults also there could be squint developing and this could be related to either nervous issues or brain issues which could cause a sudden onset squint and may require a completely different kind of evaluation and management.


Squint - 9 Eye Positions


The diagnosis of squint is done by the eye specialist and after performing certain measurements to quantify the amount of squint by using prisms. We can diagnose what exact type of squint is there. There could be some 20 different kinds of squints that have a variety of treatments available. Some of the squints could be treated just with exercises, others could be treated just with glasses, a different type could require a special type of glasses and some children’s could require prisms in the glasses for correcting squint. Lots of parents are very anxious to get their small kids operated and that is the reason we also have different types of injections which can be given so that the squint is corrected. So after diagnosing them properly with a prism bar evaluation and the type of squint whether the eye is going inside or outside.

 A specific muscle can be treated with a small injection without any surgery at all, in case there is complex kind of squint and injections may not work in that situation, we might use to operate such patients for squint also. The success rate of squint surgery is very good and almost 95%+ are treated with just one surgery, 5% may require another surgery for completely aligning their eyes. So in all squint is a very treatable condition and it is cosmetically also acceptable, also in very small kids if there is squint they can have functional problems like 3D vision problems which can also be treated. Some times before doing the squint surgery we might need to treat latent conditions such as lazy eyes, which is also called as amblyopia with certain specific kind of therapy that is vision therapy which can be done before treating, so the exact mode and the steps of treatment will be decided after the evaluation of the patients having squint.

Squint Treatment - Botox Injection

After Giving Botox Injection

Squint Surgery

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