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Laser Vision Correction is a new treatment that is done to get rid of glasses. In today’s world where we have come, we have to compulsorily use a lot of digital devices with LCD screens it is seen that a lot of people getting distance number that is myopia.

If we know who already has glasses there number is increasing is no doubt we have to follow strict vision hygiene that is number no increase but doesn’t worry we have now laser vision correction to correct all the abnormalities and the numbers for people who have to wear glasses to see clearly.

The different techniques to laser vision correction the most commonly known to a lot of people Lasik is conventional Lasik but this Lasik uses a blade to cut the cornea and then a flap is raised and below this flap, the treatment is done and this may not be possible for very thin cornea where the blade cut cause more thinning of the cornea. 


So we offer the advanced surface ablation which is flapless Lasik and also called TRANS PRK now in this there is no cut made on the cornea and that’s why it is safe there will be no instrument used on the cornea and the laser will be treating a directly so this is also called the touchless technique because we do not use the blade on the cornea. This can be done both for near and far that is both of the + number as well as – number.

Now the advantage of the advanced surface of ablation as compared to routine Lasik is that even patients who have got thinner cornea can be treated. The patient was prescription is stable can go for this particular treatment and patients who have keratoconus also can undergo this particular procedure.

For patients who cannot undergo a routine conventional LASIK because of the high-pressure problems that are glaucoma or corneal issues that is just a phase and it could be a likelihood of complications this is a very safe procedure.

Also, patients who have retinal issues in the form of lattice degeneration or thinning of the retina can cause problems with the routine conventional Lasik here since there is no manipulation of the globe and there is no increase in the pressure of the eyeball this is a much safer procedure.

The other laser procedure is also available which also creates a flap so any procedure which is creating a flap can cause issues. So the flap can be created with a blade when it is called Lasik, when it is created with a flap to laser it is called flap to Lasik. And when it is created with the flap to laser along with a specific technique which is smiling and relax that is called smile and relax. There again a cut has to be made with the laser and then is removed from the eye.

 So all these procedures have some amount of intervention cut which is made into the cornea making a little less effort and more chances of complications as compared to the ASA and the TRANSE PRK technique. Of course, we can offer you all the procedures if somebody wants to undergo Femto Lasik or wants to undergo Smile and Relax we can offer you at our associated centre.

We can prefer to do the advanced surface treatment because that is safer than the procedure that is available today.

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