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Aging changes affect all of us and aging first shows on the face. Also, eyes are an integral part of the face and the aging changes affect the eyes and the eyelid as well. Changes in the eyelids need to look which are frown kind of look or aged look. So they could be rejuvenation done of the eyelids to treat such conditions with the Blepharoplasty.

what happens is that eyebrows and eyelid skin are hanging down with the age and also because of gravity and that is the reason the Blepharoplasty can fix this excess of hanging tissue of the upper limb. the other conditions that are treated are Entropion where are the leads are turned inwards and the cause rubbing of the eyelashes to the cornea and causing irritation infection within the eyes.

With age, some patients develop laxity of lids and eyes lids can turn on the outer side and that’s called Ectropion. That can be also fixed with a small surgery which would just be a day-care under local anesthesia.


Some patients could have drooping eyelids. The whole eyelid is drooping down this is called Ptosis. Ptosis correction can also be performed both from the internal side wither are more stitches and marks on the skin and the external side where a special crease is designed over the lid to match the other lid.

Reason various Oculoplasty surgeries that could be performed. In sudden cases, there is a fracture of the bones around the eyes which is the orbit such orbit fractures require orbitotomy. Wherein require woody construction of the bones they have been a fracture. Also if there are any tumors within the orbit of the eyes those could be tackled under oculoplastic surgery.

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