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Kid’s Eye Problem

We can help a lot of kids with problems in the eyes.  Nowadays with the increased use of digital screens, a lot of kids are undergoing problems in the eye. They are getting glasses and the number goes increasing. 

So we have a myopia progression control program with us and we try to see that the numbers of these kids do not increase any further. we do intensive testing for them and do specific monitoring regularly so that the numbers if they remain constant and they do not increase and they’re not there we would want them not to increase.

Apart from that few specific challenges that kids face is especially the kids were premature they develop retinopathy prematurity and this prematurity retinopathy can cause problems in too the retina. Which if the screened-in time and diagnosis are in time we can avoid complete blindness. In this kids who are otherwise would be able to see only if they are not screened in time they go completely blind. And if they are treated also they need a constant follow-up because they can develop numbers that would require correction.

Apart from that unique challenge to increase in the kids and some of the kids develop lazy eye and myopia. This requires special therapy to increase the vision in that particular weak eye. Conventional therapy is patching the eye but nowadays we have a computer-based therapy which is called vision therapy that I use to increase the vision in the kid’s eye.

This is giving us very encouraging results because we are able to improve the vision in just about a couple of months as against a couple of years in the past it is a very fast therapy which gives us good control of the patient’s eyes and also a lot of patients who develops squint because of these issues can help this kind of vision therapy. If they are not improving by therapy then specialize glasses can give for the same.

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