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Dr. Shahnawaz Kazi is an Eye Surgeon ( Gold Medal – Ophthalmologist & Retina Specialist ) is one of the most recognized ophthalmologists the city has. Whether it is an eye infection or a major eye issue, the specialist is experienced to offer the best treatment to tackle the ailment. Right from the stage of prognosis to the treatment, the doctor employs the best of medical practices to make available exemplary patient care and treatment. The clinic stands located at Versova, an area that is centrally located and can be reached from any and every major part of the city. Dr. Kazi is a revered name in the ophthalmology department in the city. The doctor has a fully equipped facility comprising of advanced medical instruments and facilities to provide the best-in-class treatment to patients. Among the medical facilities and treatments provided by the ophthalmologist are the likes of Cataract Surgery, Eye Surgery, Eye Lid Surgery, Laser Refractive And Cataract Surgery, Pediatric Treatment, Retina Examination, Vitreoretinal Surgery among others.

About Dr. Shahnawaz Kazi

Scleral buckling: 2-3 per month. Vitrectomy 23/20 guage including diabetic TRD ,vitreous hemorrhage, ERM, macular hole with gas/silicone oil, Done with BIOM/ Volk inverter with wide angle contact lens including endolaser : 15 per month. Nucleus drop and other complicated anterior segment surgeries subluxated lenses including sclera fixation of IOL, sutureless glued IOL: 4 per month. Trauma cases including corneal wound repair, hyphema drainage as per emergency about 1-2 per month. Endophthalmitis vitrectomy: 1 per month as per case requirement. Medical retina ( diabetic/tears/ROP) green/Diode lasers for the same: 30-40 per month.
Bachelor of Medicine And Bachelor Of Surgery (MBBS):   1stMBBS: Passed with 1st Class in 1st Attempt.   2ndMBBS: Passed with 1st Class in 1st Attempt.   3rdMBBS: Passed with 1st Class in 1st Attempt.   Internship: Passed 1year from Jan, 1998 to Jan, 1999. Diploma In Ophthalmic Medicine And Surgery (DOMS):   College Of Physician And Surgeons Of Mumbai: Passed with 1st Class in 1st Attempt, April 2001. Diploma In Ophthalmology (DO, University Of Mumbai):   Passed with 1st Class in 1stAttempt, Feb 2002. International Council Of Ophthalmology (ICO):   Basic Sciences And Optics & Refraction: Passed with 1st Class in 1st Attempt, May 2002.   Clinical Sciences Assessment: Passed with 1st Class in 1st Attempt, May 2003. Fellow Of College Of Physicians & Surgeons Of Mumbai:   Ophthalmology: GOLD MEDAL for standing 1st, Sept 2003. Fellow Of Royal College Of Surgeons Of Glasgow:   Passed in 1st Attempt, Nov 2003. Diplomat Of National Board (DNB):   Theory: Passed in 1st Attempt, Mar 2004.   Practical (OCSE): Passed in 1st Attempt, May 2004.
Experience of OPD procedures like Refraction dynamic and static withs treak and spot, Slit-lamp Biomicrosopy with various illuminations with: Direct and Indirect Techniques, Direct and Indirect Ophthalmoscopy, Gonioscopy, Automated Perimetry, Synaptophore, Orthoptic Evaluation,Fundus Fuorescein Angiography. Experience in assessment and treatment of Age related macular-degeneration with newer techniques anti-VEGF agents. Extensive experience in treating Diabetic retinopathy with the latest techniques including lasers, IVTA, anti-VEGF agents. Extensive experience in OCT evaluation. Extensive first hand experience of intraocular surgeries like Extra Capsularcataract Extraction, IOL Implantation, Small Incision Cataract Surgery,Phacoemulsification, Glaucoma Filtering Surgeries, Keratoplasty, Amnioticmembrane Grafting, Complicated Strabismus, Anterior and Posterior Segment Trauma. First hand experience in Oculoplasty, vitrectomy, Intra-ocular foreign body removal. Extensive experience in YAG and Argon laser procedures for retinal laser. Extensive experience of doing FFA. First hand experience of detachment surgeries, vitrectomy. Experience of doing Oculoplastic surgeries like Strabismus, Ptosis, Lidsurgeries, blepharoplasty. Assisted in numerous complicated detachments and vitrectomies at Sankara Nethralaya Chennai. First hand experience of LASIK. First hand experience in corneal cross linking. Extensive experience in Ophthalmic Ultra sound. Experience in diagnosis and management of Ocular Tumors. Experience in fitting Soft, Semi-soft, and RGP contact lenses.
Post Graduate Teacher for CPS. Post Graduate Teacher for Ophthalmology. Head of Ophthal department in Bhabha Hospital. Under Graduate lectures. Under Graduate clinical teaching programme. Clinical training of post graduate residents at LTMGH and Saifee Hospital. Surgical training of post graduate residents at LTMGH and Saifee Hospital. Teaching of trainee nursing students in OT assisting and OPD. Teaching of trainee nursing students in OT assisting and OPD. Teaching of intern Optometrist. Under Graduate lectures for Unani students at M.J. Tibbia Unani Medical College.
Poster- retinoblastoma at MOSCON 2000 Case report of TOLOSA HUNT SYNDROME in BOA journal Article on ENDOPHTHALMITIS in BOA journal. Co-Author :   Bowen’s disease in Eye Advances Sept 2000   Management of IOFB , Recent management of endop hthalmitis,Congenital ptosis in Eye advances 2000   Fundus Picture in Glaucoma – International Glaucoma Conference 2001 Case presentation on a case of primary over action of Inferior oblique 2004. Case presentation APERT syndrome. Case presentation in Takayasus disease. Journal presentation on Branch retinal vein occlusion with surgicalsh eathotomy. Paper in AIOS in Bhopal on RELENTLESS PLACOIDCHORIORETINITIS Case Presentation on CNVM treated with PDT in CME in ARMD. “Tuberculosis and the eye” in systemic diseases of the eye, BOA Symposium on systemic diseases DEC 2006. Eales disease and its management newer advances, BOA Symposium on systemic diseases DEC 2006. VRSI MEETING, COCHIN. VRSI MEETING, DEHLI. BOA FOCUS 2012. FOCUS 2011 BOA. AIOS, AHMEDBAD . AIOS, HYDERABAD. Presentation on Four haptic lenses in VR practice, AIOS 2013.
Jashem Eye Institute Retina Clinic, 6 months as assistant to Dr P. A. Kamdar renowned vitreo-retinal surgeon. Sadhu Kamal Eye Clinic. Bait-ul-Maal Charitable Trust. Dr. Ashok Jhaveri’s Clinic. Vardhamaan Eye Clinic. Railway Hospital Byculla. Pikale nursing Home: Consulting ophthalmologist. Visiting Consultant Ophthalmologist at Medicare Hospital. Honrary Consultant Ophthalmologist at Millat Diagnostic and day care. New vision Laser centre for LASIK (Now Laserex). Honorary Consultant at Al-Hamd Trust’s hospital, Mhasla. Consultant at Saifee Hospital Mumbai. Vitreoretinal consultant at BSES Municipal general hospital and Global health research, Andheri-W. Honorary vitreoretinal consultant at Shifa Khana Saifee, Santacruz. Medical director Ashu eye care hospital. Visiting consultant for Kalsekar hospital at Versova. Visiting consultant and retina specialist in Umrao hospital.

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Well equipped modern eye hospital... They did my father's cataract surgery with regular follow up... No complications... Best result. Thank you.
Aamir Momin
Very nice doctor of ophthalmology and almost treat all type of eye problems , I also recommend to my friends.
Deepak Vishwakarma
the best ever doctor with all your eye solutions and we'll equipments. omair optics besides are also best and affordable shop.. must try.
Shahid Sheliya
Excellent doctor with humble heart No second choise only dr. Shahnawaz kazi Alhumdulillah
Nadim Tanwar
Ossum management and politely with costume also totally advance machine was there
Sandeep Jaiswar

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